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This site provides comprehensive research on electric and hybrid vehicles in an easy-to-read format. Site includes the following information on EVs: User-friendly data on price, range, and availability; environmental impacts compared with internal combustion engines; EV energy sources and use; used vehicle and DIY info; background and history; the role of EVs in the future
Take a moment to check out the useful links listed here. - News, views, and information about science, technology, and development.

DIY EV information with photos and valuable practical tips and data at:
EV Help

Check for many many alternative energy articles and research results

Check out all the services at XTLinks and Webpagestar

Interested in a DIY EV? Or just a bunch of useful EV stuff?
Check out Seth at: the GreenlivingGuy

For up to date EV news, articles, forum and more, please visit where you can discuss your questions and queries
with the 5,500 strong EV community.

For a wide range of electric and electrical engineering needs from supplies, to magazines, visit:

Need help with circuitry? See - for their electronics projects and circuit diagrams.

Need CAD?
Check out the PCBWeb and a free CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware.

Need PCB Support for your boards? Try Order PCBs
Order PCBs - a marketplace where engineer and board houses connect
and collaborate to create the world's newest ideas a one-stop-shop for
board ordering.

Read Interesting News about a range of Electronics Products at:
Electronic Products Magazine - Component and Technology News