Other EVs

Anyone considering an EV will want to know certain basic details about charging and maintaining their EV. This section of the site has information on EV charging, some other types of electric vehicles, and a tire repair tip.


One of the main questions these days is: how long will it take to charge my EV? Visit the electric car charging page and use the information there and the calculators to get an idea of how long it might take you to charge your EV.

The next 3 pages in the charging series should give you a pretty good idea of the current state of electric vehicle charging and charging stations.

The FCV (Fuel Cell EV) is not yet priced low enough for most consumers. However, research is ongoing, and Pike Research forecasts 2.8 million annual FCV sales by the year 2020. Read about HPV theory and some current HPVs. Return from Other Evs to Home Next The electric airplane is becoming more and more practical as battery technology improves. Check a few eplane specs out here.

One current transport trend is towards natural gas powered cars. These cars are expanding in scope to fill a valuable niche. Is CNG the way to go? Find out. An international fleet of Electric Taxis, Electric Buses and Electric Trains is growing. Another interesting area of growth is the Flywheel Hybrid.

As an addition, all cars ride on tires. EVs can save energy and money on low rolling resistance tires. A practical method of sidewall tire repair can be found on the tire repair page. Finally, we show how to save on cheap tires. Don't go too cheap though.