Mission MotorCycles

The Mission R features a 120 kW - 160 hp AC motor that is liquid cooled and puts out 120 ft lbs of torque. Three battery packs offer different top speeds and ranges. A 50-percent recharge takes one hour, and two hours for a full charge. The Mission R begins at $32,500 before a $2,500 Federal tax credit.

First there is the 12 kWh pack that serves up to 170 miles of range top, 100 miles of
combined city highway range, and a top end of 140 miles.

Second is the 15 kWh pack giving 200 miles top range and 120 miles combined city/hwy miles.

Finally riders can obtain a 17 kWh pack that turns in 230 slow speed miles and 140 combined city/highway miles.

For comparison, the 17 kWh pack is 1 kWh larger than the 16 kWh battery pack in
Mitsubishi iMiev electric car!

Model R battery packs and motors are designed as integral components of the frame of the bike. The rear swing arms and wheels are aluminum for weight savings. Big Brembo brakes are standard. Regenerative braking does not appear to be an option.

The Mission RS

The Mission Motorcycles Model RS is the nearly race ready version of the Model S. The bike has the same basic specs as the Model R but comes standard with a 17 kWh battery pack.

The Model RS starts at $55,000 and $52,500 after a Federal tax credit.

The Model S and RS come with a touch screen containing GPS, bluetooth capability
navigation, and the ability to transmit real time performance data.