La Free Electric Bike

The Sanyo Eneloop e-bike features a 24 Volt power system from a 5.7 Amp Hr battery. This seems a little light in terms of storage. However, since the front hub motor is only 250 watts continuous, it would have less push than the Lafree, but use less

energy in the process. The regen helps recover energy as well.

The bike has 3 gears, and the regen braking which is a great feature. The Eneloop offers several modes of recharge which can effectively double the range from 20 to 40 miles according to the specs.

One other well known and very highly regarded replacement for the bottom bracketed motor bike is the Optibike. These machines are variously listes as the "best e-bike ever" and the like. The Optibike
is powered by an 800 Watt bottom bracket motor. The Li-Ion battery is biult into the frame so it is hard to tell it is even a e-bike.

The Optibike boasts a 50 mile range provided by a 36 Volt, 20 Amp Hour (that's 0.72kWh) battery. The bike is reported incredibly well balanced and responsive in all kinds of riding. The bike retails for as much as a Flybo electric car at around $9,000 USD.
LaFree Electric Bike

The Lafree Electric Bike is a well regarded e-bike. Too bad that the line has been discontinued. The design was ahead by placing the electric motor in the bottom bracket.

This placement allowed the 400 watt continuous and 1000 watt peak
power electric motor to provide torque through all 7 speeds. The price for these made in Taiwan bikes was pretty reasonable at around $1,000 USD.

One recommended replacement for the bike is the Sanyo Eneloop e-bike. The Sanyo will set you back another 1,000 clams as it is priced at about $2,200 USD.