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Flybo Electric Car XFD6000
Similar to Smart ED. This Flybo is on the market for from $3,500 - $10,000
Flybo Electric Car XFD3000
Model - xfd6000zk
Brand - Pioneer
Top Speed - 65 kph or 40 mph - (claims vary from 35-50 mph)
Battery Power - 72 volts
Motor Power - 6.5 kW
Battery Storage - 14.4 kWh
Range - 130 km or 81 miles
Efficiency: 206 Wh/mi
Price: about $10,000 US (2008 price)

Specs for the Daimler Smart ED:
Top Speed - 100 kph or 62 mph - electronically limited
Battery Power - 300 volts
Motor Power - 30 kW
Battery Storage - 14 kWh
Range - 116 km or 72 miles
Efficiency: - 194 Wh/mi
Price: about $30,000 US (UK Price 2010)

There is some similarity in the cars to be sure. However, looking at the specs
it is clear that the XFD6000 is basically a super NEV.  So, we may hear a Flybo knocking, but not a Flybo knock off off of the Smart ED.

For twice the price, with the Smart ED  you get about twice the speed, better acceleration and power, a little more efficiency, and about the same range. An extended battery pack on the Smart ED is an option,  which about doubles the range. You also get a well tested and regarded EV.

In the news, Daimler Plans to market the Smart ED in China. Flybo is planning exports to the west at the same time!
Flybo Electric Cars

The Flybo electric car is one of many models manufactured in China by the Jinan FlyBo Motor Co. Ltd. The Jinan company has 5 subsidiary manufacturing companies manufacturing a range of vehicles.

One of those subsidiary companies is the Pioneer company. Pioneer makes dozens of vehicles. The Flybo XFD 6000ZX is one of them.

The electric vehicles are exported through a Hong Kong partner company. 
The cars are retailed through sales outlets in the USA.

The Flybo electric smart car shares a similar name and looks with the Smart ED electric car. It has been called a Smart Car knock off. The body styles of the Flybo XFD 6000ZK and the Smart ED are similar. Let's look quickly at the specifications.

Flybo Electric Car

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