The S-10 is a similar sized EV. They were actually sold, not leased, as fleet vehicles. The S-10 was also similar in that it offered lead-acid batteries to begin with, then an upgrade to Ni-MH packs which increased range from about 50 to close to 90 miles per charge. Payload is around 1/2 ton more or less.

The S-10 with the Ni-MH could expect an 80-90 mile range from its 85 kW motor
with a top end governed at 70 mph. Interestingly, the S-10 was sold to fleet customers and some are still available today. If you acquire one of these, you will probably need to replace the batteries though, along with a few other parts.

The other 2 common pickup trucks you might be aware of are the Zap Truck, and the Miles ZX40ST NEV pickup. These little rigs use 72 Volt systems with 5 kWh (Zap) to 10 kWh (Miles) of storage. They weigh in at around 3,000 lbs. 

The Zap and Miles are similar rigs in their capacities. They top out around 25mph with a 25-35 mile range. They advertise a hauling capacity of around 1/2 ton. These pickups are great for local hauling chores, and not overly expensive either. 

The electric pickup truck is a common conversion. People will put a 9" or so Series Wound Motor in the trucks and battery packs that push around 144 volts.
The battery of choice is still the lead acid battery for simplicity and expense.

The battery configuration varies, but the weight will be from about 1,000 to 1,500 lbs or so. This gives a total vehicle weight of over 2 tons or 4,000 pounds plus. If you get 50 miles from lead acid batteries with this kind of weight, you are doing well. If you can swing Ni-MH batteries, you can lose about 400 lbs or so.
Ranger Charging
Chevy S-10   1998-2004

Electric Pickup Truck

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EV Pickup Trucks

The electric pickup truck was popular from the late 1990s on. Both Ford and Chevy Ranger and S-10 models were used. They make excellent EVs and you can still buy them today. These trucks make good conversions as well, and you will still find them for sale from $5,000 - $25,000 US. 

The factory built Ranger was capable of about a 65 mile range with a top end of
75 mph. The truck was available by lease until 2002 and then recalled. It featured carbon fiber leaf springs and Ni-MH batteries in some versions. It cost around $50,000 US. The recall occurred about the same time as the other 2003-2004 EV disasters. There are still a few around though, and a number of conversions still
ply the roads.
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Detroit Electric
Condor Electric Truck

There is now a battery truck designed for hauling chores alone. The Condor electric truck is manufactured in North Carolina and featured on the Condor page
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