US EV Forecasts

The US market is the largest EV market on the planet. The tables below show that for 2013, US EV sales were 33 percent of world total. As the US market goes, other markets are likely similar.

Navigant Research expects that the 100,000 plugin EV units sold in the US in 2013 will grow to some 514,000 units by 2023. That represents a growth of 83,333 units per year on average.

Electric Vehicle Markets

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2020 Global PHEV-HEV sales forecasts Total Year 2020 LDV sales assumed 71,000,000
World EV Sales - 2013
2020 Global BEV sales forecasts. 2013 plugin EV sales
reached 210,000 units or 16% of the forecast.
EV trucks are selling once again
Toyota Hybrid sales have topped 7,000,000 units.
Electric Vehicle Markets

This page gives an overview of world EV markets and some few forecasts. EV
forecasts are constantly being made.

The modern market really started at the end of 2011. Since that time toyota has sold over 8 million units. There are a quarter of a million plugin EV units now on US roads since the end of 2011. 

Since the end of 2011 a sales pattern has emerged showing an EV market share of around 3 percent or so. Depending on oil prices, battery improvements and legislation it appears that that EV market share will slowly grow by less than a percent or so each year until at least 2020.
One more study: The Pike Research Organization is predicting the market to grow to some 2.9% electric and plug-in electric vehicles by the year 2017. Good news if true. 

Worldwide EV sales leaders so far are Mitsubishi and Nissan. The Mitsubishi i-Miev has moved some 14,000 cars with Nissan trailing at about 9,000 electric cars marketed. Mitsubishi does have a year and a half lead on the Leaf however.

Pike Research is Bullish on Electric Motorcycles and Scooters

One EV market witnessing real growth is the eScooter and eMotorcycle segment. Pike feels that sales in Western Europe will double annually by 2017, and increase markedly in East Europe and the US in the same time frame. The firm says China can expect to market an average of 8 million units per year, while World total sales will go from 17 million in 2017, to 138 million by the year 2017. 

Rental car companies Bullish on Electric Cars

Hertz rental agency plans to up its electric car fleet from 2,000 to 3,000. The upgrade is based on demand in New York, Washington, San Francisco, and London. The company plans to expand the EV fleet to include markets in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, China. Electric cars leased include the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Smart Electric Drive.

The Enterprise company offers electric car rentals in 11 California cities. You can rent an EV in:
Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Encino, Newport Beach, Riverside, Ontario, Pasadena, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Thousand Oaks. Make your next rental electric!
Electric Motorcycles are Booming
Worldwide Nissan Leaf Sales were over 150,000 by December, 2014.
IDC Energy forecasts
Li-Ion battery prices
dropping to $400/kWh by the year 2015
Navigant Research in 2014 forecasts global EV sales to trow from 2.7 million total in 2014 to 6.4 million in 2023. That is about 600,000 units per year growth.
The PHEV market is forecast by Pike to grow to 152,000 annual sales by the year 2017.
The electric scooter market is forecast by Pike Research to grow from 12 million today to 103 million by 2018. 91 million of those will be in China.
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Exxon-Mobil forecasts
that 10% of new car sales will be battery electric and plug in electric by year 2040.
The EV bus and Taxi market has been forecast to grow to $60 billion by 2022.
Ten fastest growing EV areas in the USA - Fall 2014
US EV Sales - 2013
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