Electric Motorcycles and Scooters

Home At the present, there an estimated 17 million eScooters and eMotorcycles on the road. This is estimated to increase exponentially to some 138 million by 2017. It is also forecast that China will see around 2.3 million eMotorcycles and and 13.5 million eScooters, will be sold in the next five years by 2017. That is some growth!

Why all the scooters all of a sudden? Although eScooters cost more than their gas powered cousins, they are a lot less expensive to operate than gas scooters. They are very efficient.
An eBike might use around 15 watts to 20 per mile.

Electric Scooters use around 40-50 watts per mile. For comparison, the Nissan Leaf uses up around 300 watts per mile.

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The industry is in a growth period. While there are hundreds oe electric bikes and scooters, there are just a few well recognized e-cycles. Two manufacturers with a full line of on and off road bikes are Brammo and Zero. Lightning and Mavizen produce full on electric super bikes. Check out the electric motorcycle list on the next page.

Electric Scooters on this site

Check the Bravo Electric Scooter page for our take on that scooter. If you are interested in range, check our Electric Scooter Range page. One of the more popular types of electric scooters these days is the stand up electric scooter. We cover many common types from A to G and from H to Z.

We also cover the Razor e200s and Razor 300 electric scooter, X-Treme scooters and Zap electric scooters.

Electric Motorcycles and Air Pollution

The city of Tehran suffers from often dense air pollution. As part of a solution, the city plans to place some 400,000 electric cycles on area roads.

Scooter sales are up. Electric motorcycles and scooters are coming into their own. Current trends point to eScooters and cycles as growth markets in many countries. Some 55 million electric cycles and scooters will be sold within the next decade while the market for eCycles and 3-wheel cycles could reach $10.5 billion by 2025. Electric Scooters are similar to eBikes, powered by hub mounted motors and battery packs.

Electric motorcycles perform at speeds and conditions equal to gas powered cycles.

EScooters however can reach top
speeds matching gas powered scooters.

EScooters and cycles make good police patrol vehicles.

EScooters and cycles make good small delivery vehicles.

Over 50 police departments now use electric motorcycles.