eBikes Worldwide

eBikes Worldwide

The ebike market is expected to grow to some 38 million units per year by 2020, a $8.4 billion market. Many of these units are expected to be sold in China where over 200 million ebikes reside and some 36,950,000 ebikes were produced in China in 2013 and 39 million total worldwide.

The Western European ebike market is growing rapidly. The German manfacturer Bosch believes that by 2023 1 in 3 bikes sold will be electric.

While the USA has the worlds largest electric car market, it has one of the smallest electric bmarkets with 50,000 units sold in 2014.

China production could reach 35 million in 2014, 40 million units in 2025, and 50 million in 2035. You can read more about sales here at Electric Bike Sales.

An estimated 20,000 e-bikes have been sold in Australia, and 130,000 units annually in India. The German - Dutch market has expanded to 300,000 ebikes, and growing. In Holland, 25% of bikes sold are eBikes, 20% in Germany, and 10% in Switzerland. In the US people are now using ebikes for transport.

EBikes in Italy are booming. Gas has hit near $10 per gallon. Car sales have dropped 25% while eBike sales reached 50,000 units, up 10%.

Future Sales Estimates

By the year 2018, it has been estimated that the global market could reach 50 million eBikes. That is over $13 billion in revenues.


Most of the sales are predictably forecast to be in to be in China. Western Europe could reach 1.5 million units or 12% of sales. The U.S. Is estimated to come in with around 350,000 eBikes per year in the same period. Some 107,000 were sold in the U.S. in 2011.

San Diego, CA EBike shop owner Ivan Stewart: "Our most common customers are young couples in their 30s who say they can’t afford a second car."

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Ebike Emissions

A cyclist riding a pedal only bike produces about 21 grams of CO2 pwe kilometer. An electric bike rider makes about 22 grams. - See more at:

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of electric bikes (e-bikes)and scooters. These electric vehicles may be small, but they are many. Our first DIY eBike in the mountains. It has been replaced by eBike 2.0 Here. ebike Pros & Cons About half of all local trips made are within 10 miles from the home. This is well in the range of eBikes.

1,000 miles of eBike travel saves 50 around gallons of gasoline.

Not burning 50 gallons of gas saves 1,000 pounds of carbon and other pollution from the air.

eBikes can get equal to 2,000 miles per gallon of fuel economy.

With such great fuel economy, eBikes are very economical
to operate.