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There are three main classes of EV specifications: battery electric, hybrid electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle specs. The following pages give lists for each of the three categories.

The specs given are partial performance specs taken from our comprehensive list. This site is focused on the electric vehicle as a form of transport and how well it stacks up against the modern gas burner.

We typically focus on EV performance and build, and so do not provide dimension or interior specs other than vehicle weight.   
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EV Specifications

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One of the main things to realize about the contemporary electric vehicle is that the battery pack contains only a fraction of the energy found in the contemporary gasoline powered vehicle. To that end we have put the focus on EV range and energy. 

EV ranges given by manufacturers often seem to surprise EV owner drivers. This is because the energy required to move a car or truck varies considerably with the five main conditions of slope or grade, wind speed, weight, acceleration, and temperature. The gas powered car or truck carries enough energy to compensate for changes in the five conditions that the driver often barely notices. We cover the basics of wind, grade and weight in our eBike section.

The hybrid electric vehicle has been around for over ten years now, selling in the neighborhood of some 5 million units. The HEV appears here to stay. HEV specs show that the average battery pack size is about 1.5 kWh. That is just 3 times the size of the battery packs (0.5 kWh) in our and many other electric bikes, and about the same energy in gasoline as in the wine glass shown.

The PHEV moves ahead with a much larger battery pack, up to 10 times the size of those in the HEV. So far, this new EV has done well in the market as evidenced by Chevy Volt sales. We give PHEV specs for 10 plug in electric vehicles.

Finally we show BEV specs. There are a few battery electrics doing well, but most are lagging due to range concerns. We list 65 battery electric cars and 13 trucks and their ranges.
HEV battery packs have about the same amount of energy as an equal amount of gasoline in the wine glass
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