EV Impacts

The next 4 pages list a number of impacts from motor vehicle pollution.

Life Cycle Assessment shows that EV battery manufacturing is not all the time clean and green.
The causes, extents, and impacts of car induced air pollution are covered in the first three pages of this section, Car air pollution, Car pollution facts, and Interesting air pollution facts. Just in case you are interested in personally contributing to less air pollution, the page, ways to prevent air pollution, shows a number of things you can do.

Another class of air pollution is made up of invisible gasses like C02. Gas burning cars and trucks make a lot of CO2. CO2 is one of the main contributors to global warming and climate change. The record shows that 2014 was the hottest year on record so far. This is likely not just an anomaly since the first 10 years of 2100 were also the warmest 10 years ever recorded. Pollution induced climate change is becoming a daily fact of life.
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To describe the climate change phenomenon, terms like global warming and carbon footprint were invented. However, people had by convenience and status become nearly welded to their cars. The C02 continued to soar, the science advanced, and now people talk in terms of carbon footprint offsets.
Regardless of facts presented here, many do not understand what is actually happening. Others feel that the personal cost of adopting non-internal combustion transport is too high to shoulder. In this case, we forecast several events taking place before EVs go more mainstream. First, oil shale reserves are likely to be exploited. Second, geoengineering the air will be used to help clean up the mess.

Something like 1 out of 7 people works directly or indirectly for the transport industry. How can something so economically beneficial be hurting us so badly? There are plenty of reasons, but let's look at the easy solutions.

Individuals can start by cutting back on driving. Most people with reliable cars and a little
extra income have gotten used to driving when they feel like it. There is plenty of information these days on how you can combine trips, carpool, take a train, stay at home once a week, ride a
bike, or other options instead of adding more poison to the air.

Another thing you can do is drive an electric car. It is naive to think electric cars have
absolutely no impact on the environment. EVs still need tires and batteries and stir up dust.
However, the combined impact of EVs is a lot less than gas powered cars in comparison,
especially in the critical area of air pollution. EVs may also be able to offer a way out of some
of the extreme social turmoil created by the oil business.
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Proper Recycling is Important!

Battery recycling is often done in third world countries in unregulated conditions.  The outcome for local residents is not healthy.
It has become a self-sustaining race track.
So much so that now there is a very real
chance that close to half of the petroleum
used to power transportation has been
depleted. Many do not accept this "Peak Oil"
hypothesis, yet. They continue to be
swayed by paid oil producer hacks that
peak oil is a myth.
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This section of EVs Roll will give you details on gas powered and electric car environmental impacts.

All vehicles have an effect on the environment. For example, all cars and trucks stir up PM 10 sized dust. This size dust is hard to see, and it
is not good for your lungs.

This dust is an example of a broader class of contamination we call air pollution. Air pollution was the first major impact cars had on the environment, and it continues to
have a strong effect. Regulation
has brought it down in places.