Ev Energy Sources

In this section, we explore energy sources. Energy is burned or harnessed to generate power for homes, industry, and vehicles. The next page gives an overview of how electric power is generated. What sources are used to generate that power?
Perkovsite Solar Cells


Case Western Reverve
university has trialed solar cells that can be molded right onto the body of a car. The cells could actually charge batteries in the car.

So, most of the electric energy produced in the world today is from some kind of fossil fuel.

This is slowly changing. For modern economies to keep moving, modern transport will have to be powered by some form of alternate energy from fusion to other renewables.

Ethanol is sometimes put forward as a viable alternative to oil. Check here to see if this is possible, and what the pros and cons might be.


Alternative energy is sometimes used the same as renewable energy though they are not always the same. Alternative energy sources are defined here.

Nuclear PowerNuclear power is a mainstream energy source but not wide spread except in a few countries like France. Nuclear energy though perhaps considered alternative is not renewable.

For really alternative energy, in recent times there has been an interest in mining He3 or helium-3. He3 can be used to power clean fusion power plants.

It is estimated that there is enough He3 in moon dust to power global energy needs for some 10,000 years -