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Hybrid Statistics
Hybrid Pollution
A comparison of hybrid cars at a glance is here. This comparison is not exhaustive, but does include 29 popular hybrid models for sale in the USA. More models are coming. It is estimated for that the number of all electric vehicle offerings will grow from 19 in
2009 to more than 150 in 2014 and 200 models in 2019.

Hybrid Charts

The charts below are meant for quick comparison of hybrid cars next to each other. SUVs and Pickups are included on the list.
Note that the prices used are base gas model to closest hybrid
model. Prices are conservative. Your price check will be different.

The top chart is sorted from the highest (best) fuel economy to
the lowest. The Toyota Prius is  at the top of the list, with the
BMW high-performance X6 at the bottom of the list.

The second chart down has the vehicles sorted by annual CO2 output in tons.

The third chart shows vehicles sorted by price. Prices are from lowest to highest. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom chart
which shows US Government tax credits for select hybrid
Read the Charts below
Ford Fusion Hybrid
Chevy Tahoe Hybrid
The last chart down gives the years to break even for a particular model. For break even  times, gas costs are based on driving 15,000 miles per year and gas prices at $3/Gallon USD, and again at $6/USD.

The bottom chart shows the same data, only simplified and sorted by the greatest difference in fuel economy between the hybrid vehicle, and corresponding gas powered rig. Note that the cost in fuel savings alone does not determine the best time to break even.

The Toyota Prius sits at at the top of 3 of the 4 charts. It is easy to see why this car is so popular.

This page is the 3rd of a 5 page series. Page ahead for more cost analysis, or back for more on hybrid car facts and statistics.
Hybrid break even charts
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