NEVs are 4-wheeled vehicles under 2,500 pounds. They are generally limited to 25-35 mph, though some of the newer NEVs can go faster. Many NEVs are designed around golf cart frames and typically 48 volt electrical systems. They are meant to scoot about locally. Since most trips taken are about 5 miles or so, the NEV would seem a logical choice for many places.

The Kurrent EV was a pretty slick little rig. It would have made a good choice as a replacement for the Bombardier…too bad it is out of production now as well! 

The Bombardier electric car and other pioneer NEVs were stylish if nothing else. They were definitely a step up from the electric cars of the 1970s. They were practical in limited applications such as retirement communities. However, they seemed to lack the punch required by most people willing to fork over 10 large.

Alas the Bombardier electric car is no more. However, if you are interested in owning an NEV, other manufacturers have come a long way in the past 20 years with many well styled and priced NEVs. Here are some modern-day models to check out:

Crossline - A new concept NEV - it looks good, but is $20k before tax credits
Dynasty IT - Canadian made NEV - these are cool cars
Electrovaya - The Maya appears a dog to us
GEM - Utilitarian NEV with a track record - short on style however
Flybo - Asian Smart Car knockoff - mixed reviews
Smart EV - Standard of quality - expect to pay
WheegoWhip - Super NEV - sharp looking
Zap - Mixed reviews - buyers say check before you buy

Check Wiki for a more complete list of NEVs.

If you have a Bombardier and need parts, you might check
Peacock Ltd.

Bombardier Electric Car

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The Bombardier Company designs and manufactures vehicles from planes to personal transporters. The company made a slick looking NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) from 1997 to about 1999. These sold back then for around $7,000, but they are not making them anymore. However, the Bombardier electric car was a kind of pioneer in NEVs. Lots of the newer designs therefore have the Bombardier look. 
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