Battery Cars & Trucks

Battery EV cars and trucks are battery only powered electric vehicles. They are the most basic and cleanest running EV, but way behind the HEV (hybrid EV) in sales. In this section of EVsRoll are a bunch of electric vehicles from the 1990s to the present.

In 2008 gas prices surged as demand outstripped supply. EV manufacturers responded to meet expected renewed demand for electric cars and trucks. Then, gas prices fell with the recession. Since the prices have been up and down, though the trend is for increases in pump.

The expected demand has likewise slowed. Some manufacturers have already stopped production, others have delayed planned production. We have been tracking electric cars and trucks as they come and go.

We have reviewed hundreds of electric cars and trucks. One result is a list of what we consider to be the best electric cars. To see our picks, just skip ahead to the list of Best Electric Cars. One other interesting trend in EVs is the introduction of a new generation of commercial electric trucks. As it happens, EV trucks are perfect for local hauling chores from drayage to delivery vans. Major established trucking concerns like Navistar, and Smith are now producing the first rigs of a whole new E Truck fleet.

Newer companies such as Balqon, EVI, and Modec are also producing trucks for outfits like UPS and the Port of Los Angeles, CA. A recent study out of MIT
says that E-Trucks cost some 9 to 12% less to operate than diesel rigs. At the present, E-Trucks cost around $150,000 as compared to diesel rigs at around $50,000 each.

So, besides Government incentives, ROI can take awhile. However, E-Truck (Staples) drivers in the study report that they never want to go back to diesel after driving an EV all day!

Since electric vehicles have been around for over 100 years, no attempt is made to list all of the EVs made. We will present you with as many cars and trucks and their important technical and review data as possible. To see the
big list of electric cars, skip to the list of all electric cars.

The Chinese market is expanding daily and offers a huge potential for electric vehicles of all kinds. China's air quality would welcome more EVs.

On the other hand, the Phoenix company, maker of good looking and well specified SUVs and light duty trucks, has gone into receivership.

At the present time, we have a mixed bag. It appears to be a shaking-out time and growth period for the EV industry as a whole. This is reminiscent of the turn of the last century. Let's hope that battery technology improvements along with EV education insures that EVs become a permanent fixture this time around