Are Hybrids Car Worth it

Do Hybrid Cars Save You Money? The Complete Picture
To see whether hybrid cars save you money, you have to look at the complete picture.

This means you need to look at the following:

Let’s go through these topics in detail.

Hybrid Purchase Price
The first thing you need to look at when determining if a hybrid will save you money is the cost of buying the car. Often hybrid cars are more expensive than other cars.

According to the most recent numbers, the average price of a hybrid is $4,650 more than a gas powered car.

The reason for this is they cost more to build. The manufacturer then passes that added cost on to the buyer.

For example, look at the cost of a 2018 Hyundai Sonata. The base price for the SE model is $22,050. The same car as a hybrid costs $26,000.

So right off the bat, a hybrid isn’t saving you any money. It is costing you more money. In this example, it is costing you $3,950 more to buy.

While the general rule is that a hybrid car is more expensive, the price difference will vary depending on the cars you are comparing.

But this is only part of the picture of whether hybrids are worth it, so let’s move on to reliability.

Hybrid Car Reliability
Since I am comparing the same make and model vehicle, the reliability for both should be similar. So there isn’t any major savings by choosing one over the other.

Overall, hybrid cars are just as reliable as gas powered cars. You shouldn’t expect it to cost you a lot more in terms of routine maintenance.

But there are some differences. For starters, a hybrid uses the brakes to regenerate the battery. This means brake pads on hybrids tend to last longer compared to gas only cars. Again, this isn’t a huge savings, but is worth noting.

Another difference is the cost of insurance. There are some insurance companies that offer discounted rates to owners of hybrid vehicles. Your best bet here is to ask your insurance carrier what the annual premium would be and then compare that to another insurance company. Liberty Mutual is a good choice for comparing.

The other major concern with hybrid car reliability is the hybrid battery. Many people think replacing a hybrid battery will cost tens of thousands of dollars. And that the battery will only last a certain length of time or number of miles.

The truth is car manufactures build hybrid car batteries to last the life of the vehicle. And many offer standard warranties on hybrid batteries that last up to 10 years and cover 100,000 miles.

There are even stories of hybrid taxi cars whose batteries last more than 300,000 miles!

The point is, replacing a hybrid battery is rare. And when it does happen, the cost to replace one is typically $5,000 or less.

When comparing the same make and model, the reliability issue is not a major factor in terms of price. Now if you were comparing a gas powered Audi and a hybrid BMW, then you would dig into how long the car typically lasts as well as the price for repairs to see which one is a better deal, as cars from different manufacturers will have different maintenance costs.